Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 19, 2014

From Joe Hildebrand in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

(Lifted complete and directly from this page. If you want to comment, that’s the place to go. This is Joe’s work, after all.)

It is a sad cosmic inevitability that the human race will eventually be wiped out by something or other. Perhaps we will destroy the planet, perhaps we will be hit by an asteroid, perhaps, if we’re lucky, we will survive long enough to see the sun turn supernova and consume us all.

However it would be a shame if, when humanity shuffles away, the cause of death read simply: “Stupidity.”

Sadly, amid all the sorrow and loss that occurred this week, it appears that even in times of national tragedy stupidity is still very much alive and well.

Indeed, it is an abiding feature of stupidity that it has no off position. In other words, when you’re stupid you’re too stupid to stop being stupid.

And so it is with a heavy heart that I recall some of the responses to the horror that played out in Sydney this week:
The reality: A gunman wearing a jihadist bandanna seizes hostages in Martin Place and forces them to display a jihadist flag.
The police response: Immediately launch a counter-terrorism operation.
The idiot’s response: Immediately launch a debate about whether it should be referred to as “terrorism”.

The reality: The gunman employs a method, location and symbolism identical to that employed and advocated by Islamic State.
The Telegraph’s response: A special edition of the newspaper saying an Islamic State operative had launched an attack in Sydney.
The idiot’s response: Abuse the newspaper for linking the gunman to Islamic State.

The reality: The gunman is found to have declared himself a follower of Islamic State and demands an official Islamic State flag.
The authorities’ response: Prepare for a potentially deadly outcome.
The idiot’s response: Start a hashtag.

The reality: The gunman executes two hostages.
The community’s response: A massive outpouring of shock and grief.
The idiot’s response: Accuse the media of overreacting.

The reality: The gunman has a history of violent, abusive and delusional behaviour.
The Prime Minister’s response: To say he was mentally unstable.
The idiot’s response: To say the PM is unfairly stigmatising mentally ill people.

There is no doubt all the goodwill in the world within many of these people. When you feel powerless over things you can’t control you lash out at the things you can. Like the poor kid who gets bullied at school and then yells at his mum, it’s easier to have a go at the cops, the media, the PM or an imagined racist backlash because that you can deal with. That, at least, won’t kill you.

Yet we see in these reactions that troubling human instinct to blame everyone when something goes wrong except the actual wrongdoer.

And if there is anything more worrying than evil itself it’s the people who don’t know it when they see it.

Because the really scary thing about the most truly stupid people isn’t that they’re stupid, it’s that they think they’re the smart ones – the righteous few who know the real truth when everyone else is wrong.

Just like the stupid bastard who started all this in the first place.


  1. A highly relevant piece of journalism at its best, with only one erroneous assumption that I will deal with to end my contribution,

    What you have had here is how Mandela started his terrorist onslaught on SA in 1955 after planning it for many years. The end was much worst [many more deaths and much more destruction] except that the cause was not IS of Jihad or in any manner based on religion. It was simply to kill the white people to make him Emperor of Africa. The World applauded him and South Africa had to pay the price.

    I am not saying this; no no, not al all but many South Africans are saying it. Let the World feel a bit of the pain; we had hell for almost 40 years, the worst economic sanctions ever mounted on any country while the killing, maiming and destruction continued. The rest is your Post in every word and nuance.

    The erroneous assumption is that the earth may be hit and the human race destroyed. That will not be permitted; a force much higher than mankind made and will keep the Globe intact. Period.

    But if we want a more pleasant World we will have to do what Australia seems prepared to do; what Russia and China will do whether the liberal World shouts or screams “commies” or not and some others seem slowly learning. In our Parts Botswana has declared that they will.

    We must meet brutality and brutal force with brutal force action. Get the sharpshooters trained; get men [yes men; leave the women out of this] with nerve in charge and shoot the bastard. Shoot him/her with a dum-dum exploding bullet in the mouth right and immediately he/she opens it with his/her first verbiage and leave the body for the family to fetch or the wild dogs to get started on; give them 4 hours. If nobody comes to fetch the body within four hours have your incinerators running and put the remains in there.

    You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast the citizenry will revert to peace on earth in your region.

    Whatever you do or not do, for your own shake don’t make the mistake that we made. Mandela deserved connection with a high velocity bullet way bank in 1954 at the latest; mid forties would have been a better time while the World was at war anyway.

    • At this stage Ike we don’t have a Mandela-type figure among the Islamic militants. If there was a single figurehead like that, I doubt the ‘authorities’ would deal with him as you recommend unless he was caught in the act of beheading a busload of schoolchildren. And even then he’d probably need to have done it more than once.
      That’s as things stand now. Abbott is turning out to be a strong leader on some important points but not so strong on other points that most Australians consider equally important. If the Liberal Party isn’t prepared to take a solid stand, and quit this crap about ‘unrepresentative’ and ‘not a true Muslim’, the voters will look for a party that will go that way. There are alternative right wing parties just under the surface. Expect them to gain a higher profile over the next few years.

      • Greg

        Then there is some hope for Australia. Way back the American war cry used to be “Remember the Alamo” and it served them well. These days it is Remember South Africa. If you don’t……

        You know, the strange thing is that is how Black Africa dealt with each other in the past, and some say they still do. Only difference, they do it mostly with the knife when it is dark, or a lion comes in running on its hind legs, but it has the same required result.

        On 12/19/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

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