Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 18, 2014

Normally I favour incompetence over malicious intent.

But as more news comes out about the departed Monis, the more I become inclined to swing the other way.

He leeched off our welfare system for ten years. He was charged as being an accessory to the murder of his wife. And he had a string of sexual assault charges against him.

Now it’s been revealed that he was on a security watchlist. Was being the operative word. He slipped off it somehow in 2009.

Maybe it’s a long bow to draw to point out that Labor was in power at that time, both federally and in the state of New South Wales. Maybe it’s stretching the bow still further to point out that Labor in Canberra was cheerfully dismantling the border protection system established by John Howard’s government.

So far at least it’s a bow that the mendacious selective media have chosen not to pick up. The Aging Blowhard Communists have found their diamond in the Sydney siege story: Tony Abbott said something that’s been contradicted by someone else.

Abbott told a press conference earlier this week that Monis had been issued a gun licence in NSW. The NSW Police said, no, that’s not right. TA’s office clarified with a statement that the PM had been advised by security officials that Monis did have a licence. Let’s assume the State cops are correct. That leads to the fairly obvious question of how Monis did get a gun without a licence. So far the ABC are not asking that question. For them, the story is that Abbott got it wrong.

In their haste to make a fool of the PM, the usual suspects again make fools of themselves. And then there’s Sydney journalist Anne Davies, who writes that she met Monis at a rally in September. She listened to his rants, did some quick research back at the office, and then…

I decided to drop his quotes from my story because I concluded he was a man on a campaign, who didn’t represent the broader sentiments of the Muslim community.

At a time when ISIS were recruiting among Australian Muslims and beheading captives with glee in the Middle East, Anne Davies decided that Monis was the odd man out. Amazing.

I guess the Sydney mother who put this sign in her child’s hands was equally unrepresentative.

Behead all those

And the people around her who didn’t criticise. All unrepresentative.

I imagine that Anne would have a few professional connections with the law enforcement agencies. Did she consider speaking out at any time? Did sharing what she’d encountered with the authorities, even informally,  seem like a bad idea?

That remains unknown. Because that sentence up there is where the story ends for Anne.

No sense of regret. No hint that if there’s a next time she might do things differently.

Nothing beyond the urgent need to become a part of the story.

Speaking of ambulance chasing types – here for your delectation: the thoughts and wisdom of Tessa Kum, the main push behind the #Illridewithyou campaign.

Tessa Kum

Feel the love, brothers and sisters. Except you white fucks. You can just rot.


  1. Greg

    You allow a person like the one in the pic to mouth off like that you are heading for South Africa cum 1994 and I don’t think you want that to happen.

    On 12/18/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • I can’t think of anything to say except… bring it on.

  2. In digging about this early morning, in the attempt to find this racist mental case bitch Tessa Kum, via Google and Wiki, had me running in circles, it did.

    But found a comment off one of the links in your post at Canadian Blog website BlazingCatFur (
    Drunk_by_Noon > Exile1981 • 2 days ago

    In rooting around her site, she claims to be half white and half Chinese.

    If this twat is in fact “half white”:
    One, she hates her own being. Two, she should commit suicide. Three, she will find a “ride with you”, that would blow her brains out..

    • #Illridewithyou is on #theroadtonowhere. Twitter has lots and lots of people saying what a wonderful idea it is. Not so many actually participating from what I can see. This is a selfie moment if ever there was one – so where are all the smiling infidels nestled next to their new burqa buddies?

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