Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 17, 2014

Hashtags are the bumper stickers of the internet.

They’re a cheap, easy way to send a message. The message usually being ‘I care more than you.’

A hashtag showing support for Muslim Australians has taken off on social media following a siege at the Lindt cafe in Sydney on Monday.
#illridewithyou is trending worldwide on Twitter, rising by hundreds of tweets per minute since it began Monday morning.


The story began here, during the siege at the Lindt Cafe on Monday.

The start of it

And from thence did the snowball roll, catching up caring sensitive types all over. But as usual, when the leftwits make a happy noise about something, there’s a rather less pleasant story behind it.

As ever, the bleeding hearts are missing the point. No one is arguing that there should be any kind of repercussions against Muslims. What we’re saying is that behind Australia’s national outbreak of mawkish special pleading and ecumenical outreach lurks yet another dodgy campaign by the inevitable lefty activists to hijack the news agenda for their dubious political ends.

As (Miranda) Devine notes, the woman who started the campaign by parading her own virtue in that initial tweet was Rachael Jacobs a Green party candidate from Brisbane who – as Jacobs herself admitted in a piece for Fairfax media (c’mon Gina? What are you waiting for? Buy up the rest of the operation. Then feed it to the sharks) may not have witnessed quite the scene of oppressed Muslim victimhood she imagined she had..

And then there’s Tessa Kum, who picked up on Rachel’s tweet and got the hashtag campaign rolling. Follow the link; Tessa’s heart, according to the evidence, doesn’t quite overflow with love for her fellow humans.

#Illridewithyou’s critics are responding with the mockery the campaign deserves.

I'll ride with you london bus

And from David Burge, the legendary Iowahawk…

Iowahawk I'll ride with you

And in other developments – #Illpushwithyou or #Illfallwithyou?

Which way will the hashtaggers bounce?
Talk about the greatest moral conflict of our generation…


  1. Wow, a convertible bus it is. Betcha’ The Hawk from Iowa is ready to put racing slicks on it. May even take Blair for a spin, as they once did when Timothy came to ‘Merica..

    • Converted rather than convertible, you might say.

      • Ooo, good one.

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