Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 16, 2014

Siege OVER. And the man at the centre of it all?

A truly fine piece of work. Implicated in the murder of his ex-wife, and also a writer of poison pen letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers.
And, er, not a cheerful Jesus-loving Methodist, either. But that is ENTIRELY incidental and nothing should be read into it.

Tim Blair has the story here.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Let’s issue Bibles to Muslims. That way, when one goes on a rampage, they can wave something around that the media can identify without being made uncomfortable.


  1. Have no idea as to its accuracy BUT. It involves the now dead vile “not a cheerful Jesus-loving Methodist”, and our very own “not a cheerful Jesus-loving Methodist”.

    • Have a look at this, over at Blairblog.

      • Well he’s a dead nutcase now.

        ….”connected to the Jewish mafia.” Caught my eye. And Barry denies being a muzzie…lol

        • In other developments, Rupert Murdoch is in their sights again for congratulating his people on their reporting. The leftwits are furious that his people weren’t afraid to use the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’.

          • They never stop. In fact they are awarded special dispensation, for and lauded for their idiocy.

            Thought I read where mr.islam had Kevin Rudd in his sights at one time, did they bitch, piss and moan on that one?

  2. Greg

    How long will it take you think through your legal system to remove this sorry excuse for a living human being permanently from society? In our Society he is guaranteed the right to live because as the World should know we have the highest freedom and the most liberal constitution and bill of rights in the entire World. Should he be imprisoned he will be out within a year. What does your Law say?

    On 12/15/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • Ike, the POS was shot by the police when they stormed the cafe Tuesday 2am.
      Consider him removed from society. Permanently.

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