Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 15, 2014

Siege update: a few lucky getaways. And an idiot comment from a leftwit professor of journalism.

Barista escapes

There hasn’t been too much good news today – on the other hand, there hasn’t been a lot of bad news, either. But a few of the hostages did manage to escape.

And on a day when politicians and media alike danced like Fred Astaire in their desperate need to maintain political correctness, Wendy Bacon scoops the pool on the Idiot Commentary Stakes.

The tweet that should go down in infamy:

wendy bacon tweet

Love that ‘despite context’. Cutest little get-out clause I’ve seen in ages.

Thank you, Ms Bacon, for reminding us that you still draw oxygen.



  1. Hard to believe those people received an education. How does her mind (if you forgive the exaggeration) ever keeps her alive.

    • How can she be so stupid and stay upright? A question for the ages.

  2. As someone mentioned, or words to the effect at Tim’s place, islam with BACON ‘That Isn’t halal’. But Bacon is frying whatever brains she has, in the media way past burnt.

    • Wendy in 1912, hearing the news about the Titanic:
      “Well, that will certainly accelerate the development of air travel!”

      • And WIMMINS such as, are allowed the vote and drive vehicles, participate in media, get elected Joooooyla and life in general.

        The ‘thinking process’? of these types is, ‘all i have to do is show a little leg and for sure, titties and my hairy bit, I’m in free’.

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