Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 14, 2014

Our latest exporting success.

Australians going to fight with extremist groups in the Middle East are dying as fast as they are arriving…

For reasons that make no sense to rational Australians the federal government is cancelling the passports of our would be jihadis BEFORE they leave the country. Huh? Let them go and cancel the passport once the plane lifts its wheels off the runway.

Not that too many will be making the return trip at this rate.

IS and its associates have turned out to be rather brutal exploiters of naive Muslims from all around the world. Foreign recruits have one principal task: catch the bullets and shrapnel intended for their hosts.

One Frenchman wailed, They want to send me to the front, but I don’t know how to fight.

Fight? FIGHT? You’re not there to fight, mon ami idiot. You’re there to die for le cause de Islam. Suque it up!

The concept of personal responsibility is difficult for some to grasp. Some never manage it, even with the ripeness of age.

Say hello to Mohamed Karroum.

Mohamed Karroum

Mr Karroum’s daughter left the nest to fight in Syria earlier this year. She was dead within three weeks. Her father claims the government in Canberra is to blame. But he goes a little beyond just pointing the finger:

I’m praying to the Lord every day, Tony Abbott, please Lord, let him lose one of his daughters either in sickness or in accident or something, please Lord.

Again, it’s all Tony Abbott’s fault. Its as if none of our jihad juniors had a single thought of joining terrorist groups before the Liberals came to power last year.

Well, maybe they didn’t. Not when they could do it all at home – and on the government teat as well!



  1. Greg,

    You must not misunderstand my question please. I just can’t figure why any country would send its soldiers to certain death in that worthless piece of land that you [and others] are sending them to.

    Why not stay the hell outa there and let them have a merry spree killing each other instead? Why in hell should we care whether they all kill each other down to the very last one and let the vultures and other animals of prey have a feast?

    On 12/14/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • Because they won’t just stay on that worthless piece of land, Ike.

  2. Yeah Greg,

    I can tell you where I sat when my son called me at about 17:00 our time that day and I watched the horror on television. The Americans, however, were virtually [please note the virtually] asking for it with their obsession to let every terrorist into America; their security was non-existent. If you consider the precision of the dastardly deed, the timing and everything it must tell you that it was a job planned over many years of planning and training for that moment. America must regard them as lucky that there has not been a repeat.

    I still think using the men and the hardware to guard your borders [and simply shoot the bastards that have slipped in already], a far better option. Do you guys still have the death penalty?

  3. The mr. Crumb, uhh, karroom spitting out the word “Lord” is puzzling. Shouldn’t that be Alley, mr. karooom or are you an apostate that should lose his head?

    • It’s his way of talking down to the infidels.

      • I agree. Hanging would be my choice. I’m tired of people such as militant Blacks and The Left.

        Scads of lovely items indicated by Joyce Kilmer, TREES..

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