Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 29, 2014

Some jokes travel; some jokes don’t.

This one might go over your head (so to speak) if you’re not an Australian.

Miss Tasmania 2014

If you know your Antipodean geography this map will provide a helpful clue.

Australia for foreigners


  1. Come on Greg, you published the map before and I enjoyed it; BTW most countries have something akin to it. Give us a clue to the joke. What is it? Come on; pray tell the reader. I am a bundle of nerves waiting for it.

    • Okay, I give in…
      Tasmania, as you will know, Ike, is that very small island that hangs off the southeastern mainland. A small landmass with a small population – and, shall we say, limited options in the field of sexual partners.
      Guys who chase their sisters! Behold the unholy outcome…

      • Jggggghhh, I am sorry I asked.

        On 11/29/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

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