Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 13, 2014

Enough of the creepy crawlies. Let’s pig out on cute.

There was something really unsettling – no, not unsettling; repulsive – about that whip scorpion. It’s the forearms. They’re almost human in their construction, and it doesn’t require much imagination to see those flexing claws as fingers.

The two long feelers are shiver-inducing too. The whip scorpion is a nightmare made real. It’s a mad scientist’s spare parts assembly project.

While I was ruminating on this I made the serious error of watching Enemy. Enemy is mostly boring, occasionally creepy, and then right at the end… as one reviewer put it: first this movie tested my patience, then it tested my underwear. Spare yourself the ninety minutes of watching a slow, sloooooow exploration of a world where everything is piss-yellow. Even with the playback at double speed, Enemy is awful.

What with one thing and the other, the awful levels have gotten too high. Let’s watch some happy little piggies and forget the nasties.


  1. These little piggies make my face go like this ^.^

    • Some of them yap just like dogs!

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