Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 7, 2014

Another look at our horrible little friend.

You can hear it thinking ‘Cmon, sonny. I’ll do you like a dog’s dinner.’



  1. I won’t open anything from you again where I suspect this srt of thing to be lurking. I have a phobia about nice girls in scanty lil skirts and tiny little pink bra’s and they must be young; say at least 62 years of age or so.. Keep spiders away from me please.

    • It’s an abomination indeed. And I completely understand your position on my links.
      I’ll just have to disguise them more cleverly from now on.

      • Greg

        An Oz is an Oz remaining an Oz; makes you such dear people. Did you know that I regard your Country as the only real free independent one in the World? You don’t have any shit; don’t give anyone any shit, and don’t take any shit from anyone. Long live Australia.

        I have been around; we have our own brand of the British Colonial past; you have and so does America, but you guys would not have elected the Bama and I see no likelihood of you ever doing anything as stupid as that.

        • Thanks for that, Ike. I’ll save your words for my Australia Day post in January.
          We did elect Rudd, and Whitlam. (Gillard, of course, was never elected.) But hell, nobody’s perfect.

          • Greg

            You are far too modest. Have you seen this? Hot of the Internet just minutes ago. It’s an awesome deal; the way to go for you guys.


            • That is good news, Ike, but don’t be surprised if it’s not a big story here. The Circus of Ineptitude screwed the live animal export trade among many other things. This deal isn’t so much a step forward as a getting back of what we had.

  2. Exactly, what this beast IS thinking…”Go ahead, make my day.”

    • Now watch some mad scientist breed one the size of a dog. A female of course, just full to the ears (?) of cute li’l babies.
      Sure hope you can sleep tonight…

      • JP

        Can’t you fiddle something via the Webby? When the Bama turns his computer on six of these things must fall into his lap.

        On 11/7/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

        • Ike, that’s beautiful.

          • Agree, that IS beautiful Ike but, I’d much prefer something a tad more destructive. lol.

            • It would destroy the clean space in my underpants…

            • JP and Greg

              In reply to JP. What can be more destructive to His massive ego than shitting in his pants when them nice fellas drop in his lap?

            • You do have a damn good point there, Ike. LOL.

            • Go well guys. Enjoy the weekend; as for this old man. he is bowing out for couple days. I enjoyed your company.

              On 11/7/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

            • Have a good break, Ike, and if you find a lonely whip scorpion by the side of the road…

              Kill it. Before it breeds.

            • Be well and safe, Ike..

  3. Umm, it ain’t YOUR unders that need destroyin’

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