Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 28, 2014

The scientific name for this is Whatthafarcus Hellspawnia.


They make wonderful companions for the kiddies!



  1. Uhh, with “friends” like that, who the hell needs enemies. BTW, around these here parts, the ‘grin’ on that chimp is known as the Shit Eatin’ grin.

    • The chimp is throwing rocks? They should be grateful it progressed beyond throwing its own crap. Obviously realised that rocks do a lot more damage.
      As for that other thing – if it was found in Australia, and ate babies, we’d have to call it the Dingo Spider.

      • Yep, the rock tosser be the one. Rocks do have a way of making a point, impact point I believe.

        Umm, as to the beastly “other thing”, one item that could be worse is for the good folks of Australia is, if “thing” decided to imitate the roos and hopped.

        A possible solution, if ever. Get the damn chimps to start throwing the rocks at the other wonders of evils nature pictured. When they begin chewing on the chimp, it may stop the rock tossing stuffs cold. Having got its “rocks” off, so to speak.

        • So to speak…

        • Not that anyone really needs to see this, but…

          • Dead ringer for our named ‘first lady’, I’d say. Arms and legs trusting about, creepy and crawly.

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