Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 17, 2014

Norwegian study: For a better reading performance, favor the printed page over screens

Confirmation of that what we have all long suspected.


  1. Smile Greg. That’s common sense; every reader will tell you that and confirm the “amazing study” but of course people have stopped reading with the wonder of the computer. That’s a good part of the cause for the mess we find ourselves in today.

    On 10/17/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • From personal experience, Ike, the problem is that a book is a book. And a computer is like having every damn book in the library open at the same time. Too many distractions.

  2. I’m not even from Norway and already knew this!!

    ~~~ Art is either plagiarism or revolution. -Paul Gauguin


    • Showoff! I bet the ancients said the same thing about pages too.
      “Real philosophers read scrolls!”

  3. I turn the page on my Kindle and know exactly how many pages are left to read. I can also understand more because I can don’t mind highlighting, can search for words and phrases and can look up the meaning of words immediately. I also read more because I tend to start a book before finishing the last one and when using a Kindle I am never without all my books. Just my half penny worth.

    • You must be the customer the designers had in mind, Malcolm.
      Good to hear from you again.

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