Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 19, 2014

One from the archives: To mark the birthday of David McCallum…

The Man From UNCLE mini-episode that Guy Ritchie will have to better.

McCallum was a vinyl artist as well during the 60s. He didn’t sing, but followed his father’s lead and conducted orchestras in his own arrangements of popular songs. He wrote a few songs as well – including this moody instrumental.

And here’s something I didn’t know: McCallum is another actor with military service in his background. According to this fansite David served with the Royal West African Force during the 1950s. Mr McCallum still has links today to the men in uniform. His favourite charity is the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.

David McCallum

81 and still going strong!




  1. I’ve always enjoyed watching David act, he seems to fit into any role.

    • I haven’t done the maths precisely but with the various series David did during the 70s and 80s he’s probably spent more time on the small screen than Robert Vaughn. Vaughn caught up during the last ten years with Hustle, though.

      • Vaughn also tried his hand in politics, only problem being – he ran on the Socialist ticket – that kinda put him on the short list as far as Hollywood was concerned. Memories of the McCarthy days.

        • Vaughn is interesting in his politics. Democrat, wrote his thesis on the Hollywood blacklist and published it as a book, but gave Obama the thumbs down as early as 2009. There weren’t many publicly criticising the first non-white Prez back then. Especially not from that side of the line.

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