Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 13, 2014

And another ex-pol gets hired to spout on an unfamiliar subject.

This is as good – sorry, I’ll start again: this is as woefully inappropriate as Jooolya being made Chairperson of an outfit striving to improve education…

Former Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm has been snatched up by a university in California to lecture on jobs growth. Weird, since Michigan’s job growth under Jen resembled the Titanic post-iceberg.

Weirder still is the widespread rumour I just created that Ms Granholm at first rebuffed the university in hope that her services would be accpeted elsewhere. Well, at least American Idol still retains a few standards.



  1. She’s a lawyer, she was born in Vancouver; good will come of this.


    • “I didn’t have a job. This university gave me a job. Ta-daaa! Job growth!”

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