Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 12, 2014

There just ain’t no old time decency no more.

This phenomenon called ‘soclal media’ has opened all sorts of doors inside people’s heads. The details our parents wouldn’t have shared with the neighbours are today put up online and shared with potentially millions of total strangers. Intimate elements of marriages, love lives, the cat’s breakfast, the drawer full of old undies – the entire concept of decorum and reticence and measuring what was acceptable and what was not has vanished. It’s distasteful and appalling. Anyhow, I’ve got a bladder infection.



  1. Greg

    I am afraid that you are right; we have a fight on hand but lack the will to take aim and shoot. Listen to this one with great care before you reject it.

    There is too much “new” Freedom in the World. We shall have to limit that, yeah even destroy it [destroy in the sense of actually killing it and those who advocate the madness], if we are to save Liberty.

    Freedom of the kind now in vogue in the World will have to be destroyed if we are to have Liberty of the individual back in our World. This shamble of Freedom will have to go if we are to stand a chance.

    On 9/12/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • I’ll go with you so far Ike as to say that freedom is always bound to responsibility. They’re the two sides of the coin, and too many have either forgotten that or never heard it to begin with.

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