Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 27, 2014

Warning to all readers.

Please put all knives and similarly pointed objects out of reach before you click on this link.


  1. Well, Somalia, represented. Check. Zambia, represented. Check. Rwanda, represented. Check.

    It is known, that the early human was hatched in Africa AND grew under the tutelage of the White Colonizers, in becoming ‘civil?’ (ask Barry’s daddy, oh wait) it sure would seem that ALL diseases that are BORN there, that these peoples should be the leaders in stopping those diseases, from the get go.

    What am I and billions of others, missing here?

    • What are you missing? Solidarity with the victim industry, I would say.
      Or maybe it’s the selective outrage demonstrated by the reaction to the deaths of two young men:

      • Funny how that goes, eh? They absolutely adore that hyphen they use. Murders, rapes, beheading’s, all sorts of vile crimes against the first part of their beloved hyphen. Crickets.

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