Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 26, 2014

I’ll wait three days before I comment.

From The Daily Caller, the latest hyperbole out of Ferguson USA: Michael = Jesus.

Michael Brown was 18 years old.  He was shot around noon.  Our Lord and Savior hung on the cross — now compare our time frame 12 o’clock to the Jewish time frame which is at the sixth hour.  Michael Brown died on August the 9th.  Jesus hung on the cross between the sixth and the 9th hour.

For a Christian preacher he sounds remarkably like a crap numerologist. (Okay, so I didn’t wait three days.)


  1. This sod is using Faith for his Political; probably running for Congress next time round.

    On 8/26/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • Between the decapitating Muslims and the opportunistic Christians, it’s hard for an agnostic to feel comfortable these days.

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