Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 19, 2014

Comments on the events in Ferguson from two angry black gentlemen.

As it turns out, neither are angry with the police.

First up is Alonzo Rachel.

Johnathan Gentry is not quite so well known as Mr. Rachel. His comments about Ferguson ought to change that.


  1. Personal opinion here, but it is unfathomable as to how and why Ferguson, MO., a spot in the road area, with a population of approximately 21,000 has become one of the centers of world attention.

    Aha! 14,000 of that population is (my new hyphenated American term), American-Africans, for the fact of, this type are exactly that.

    Save the two mentioned, plus the Sowell, Condi Rice ‘Americans’ and many others that have no need for the hyphen. Just American Period.

    This African that is now famous dead thug, throughout the world, planned on being a “rapper”, now he just a ‘Wrapper’ that is tossed away.

    Prominent American-Africans, such as barry, eric, just to name a few of thousands AND OUR WHITE progressive media fueling the flames and actively supporting A/THE ultimate race war. Very bad thing to do, with only being 12-13% of population being American-Africans.

    • Hollywood’s socially aware set have been pretty quiet on this so far. Maybe they learnt something from the Trayvon Martin case. Or maybe they’ll be out in force tomorrow with their #JusticeForMichael selfies.
      I thought Alonzo gave the brothers and sisters a serve in his piece. It takes a strong effort to push him into second place on just about any topic he tackles, but Mr Gentry did it this time. He really let fly.

  2. Me thinks the left in Hollowood, will come forth soon, from reading/viewing the minority in that town that are of sane mind, have voiced their opinions in more favor of the police.

    If those, several that have said the THUG went after the officer and are not labelled as Uncle Toms, Sell Outs, White Trash or _____, OR_____ by the media and by barry and hip joint boy holder OR not threatened by barry and boys or the IRS, NSA, CIA or the Lefties now heading in that direction and listen to Zo, Gentry, the great Sowell, Allen West, et al hopefully, things will calm..

    BUT, you know what, that isn’t gonna’ happen. Soooo, I gonna’ cleans and polishes my stuffs, just in case the African hordes start bullshit here.

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