Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 14, 2014

Beep beep WTF boop

Once again, here in Technology land, it’s time to ask that question:



Come to where the righteous anger is…



  1. Hell yes. However, my just-in-caser is on Eblogger.

    • A few posts there suggested the new screen was designed for mobile devices basically. That’s nice. But preparing a few hundred words and maybe a couple of pictures on a mobile is hardly practical.
      The Wordy Munchkins seem to have been too easily dazzled by their own brilliance this time. Like the guy whose invention turned tennis balls into Indian ink – yes, it works. But who the fuck NEEDS it?

      • There is another word that uses some of the letters in “Munchkins” and by God you used them! Thank you..

        • Uh-oh… I’ve just found that starting a new post from any of the three options EXCEPT ‘Posts – Add New’ brings up that stupid beep BS. Apparently if you prefer Classic Mode you have to CHOOSE Classic Mode EVERY time.

          • Yep! Wordy sure is doing a bang up job at wrecking THIS aspect of their blog’iness. AND from what I read on their piss and moan area their stupidity affects the “upgrade pays your money and takes your chances”, too.

            As you did read, many are indicating a switch to Eblogger, for this B.S.

            Oh-Oh, me thinks I just jinxed Google Blogs, ’cause sure as hell, Google will say..’Hey, damn nifty idea, Wordy. WE are going to do the same’

  2. Couldn’t agree more. The world seems to be catering to those who sit and scroll constantly through their mobile phone screens rather than actually reading or writing anything of content, or interacting with people sitting at the same table as them, for that matter.
    I’ve written about “gay-ness” many times, how I support their rights to marry and be as miserable as the rest of us and whatnot, but I have to go straight back to the good old “pre-PC” days, and say that this “Beep beep boop” crap is WAY beyond gay. It’s gayer than Elton John and Liberace prancing together through San Francisco in tutus. WordPress constantly irritates me. It’s fun to read and write on there, but then they screw with it and make it annoying.

    • This latest BS irritated me to the point where I began to seriously consider my future with WP. There’s an outfit called Squarespace that looks appealing. It costs money but hey, you know that they say: When you get it for free, you always get your money’s worth.

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