Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 12, 2014

Looking at the past: Old Perth, by Yelpar. (UPDATED: new link)

This is post 25 in Stu’s ongoing series of historical photographs. And photographs are mostly all that we have left. Very few of the buildings you’ll see there are still standing today.

Pieces here and there have been kept… the Pensioner Barracks were built during the 1860s to accommodate the guards that had manned the convict ships.

Barracks 1905.

In the 1960s the Barracks were scheduled to be demolished entirely, to be replaced by a freeway. The freeway went ahead, but public outcry managed to preserve a small piece of the old town’s history.

Barracks arch today.

The building on the far side of the arch is the State Parliament. The freeway runs between the two, sunk into the ground. Every so often someone proposes roofing over that section of the road – reuniting the government with the people as it were. Maybe, when the latest round of skyscrapers are completed and the builders are idle again…

UPDATE, NEXT DAY:  Stu has found an artist’s conception of the original proposal. Shelved for reasons of expense, I assume – but that was then. Perth is a much wealthier city now. I’m just saying.

The top end of the city could have had some dignity and grandeur, instead of a hole filled with cars. View the proposal here and mourn the loss.


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