Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 11, 2014

Let’s play The WTF? Game!

MickMock is a big fan of American Horror Story.

I fear for her eternal soul.




  1. Did I mention the Sarah Paulson crush I’m currently experiencing? Meee-ow. And Jessica Lange, too because I really can’t resist the older ladies.

    • She’s got quite a list of credits; I remember her from The Spirit (WOFTAM) and she was Renee Z’s pal in Down With Love. Very good in that.

      • Pity about the Renee Z movie. I won’t watch anything with her in it…except I *did* buy Bridget Jones’ Diary because I was going through an Honor Blackman phase at the time. And where others fail to trump Miss Z, Honor Blackman trumps all. She could probably even make a Tom Cruise movie bearable for me to watch.

        • Y so mad on Ren, bro?
          Down With Love is not a bad piece of satire for the first two acts. The third act carries a BIG REVELATION which is as clumsy as.

          • I simply don’t like the cut of her jib. And Gods help me when she *and* Tom Cruise were in that one movie together. But…to be fair, I’ll check out Down with Love.

            Because Sarah Paulson. ❤

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