Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 20, 2014

Here’s a Sunday pun for you.

(Warning – if you get the joke, you’ll be showing your age!)

I was walking down the street the other day and I noticed that the premises of the local funeral director were displaying a CLOSING DOWN sign. Now this particular company is very well known in Perth and highly respected, and while I was in no hurry to be a customer of theirs I had to step inside to learn the story.
The place was empty except for the manager, the grandson of the company’s founder. He was quite happy to answer my questions. ‘It’s a funny thing,’ he said, not without a little sadness. ‘It might seem odd but being a long-established firm has actually been working against us for the last few years. Our public image is dusty and old-fashioned. Not so many people are being laid to rest in the traditional manner, either. That hasn’t helped.’
He was glad to have some company, I think. He was just getting ready to close the doors for the last time and hand the keys to the estate agent; the emotion seemed to be overwhelming him as we stood in the room that had once displayed coffins for every size and shape. And then, out of nowhere, he begun to hum a tune. I was taken completely by surprise when he sang:

Oh yes – we have no cadavers!

We have no cadavers today!



  1. Groan..;)
    You’re as bananas, as I am, mate..

    • Yep

      • LMFAO, bloke.

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