Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 11, 2014

Because there’s not always time to light the Bat-signal.

A Canberra customer has taken matters into his own hands during an attempted supermarket robbery last night, smashing the offender over the head with a full bottle of red wine.



  1. Hope the bottle didn’t break. đŸ˜†

    • Nope – it burst like a bottle of champers on the bow of a ship.

  2. Ahh yes, 2010 Wirra Wirra Angelus Cabernet Sauvignon!

    “Shows restraint on the nose, but with redcurrant and cassis aromatics,” said Forrestal. “Rich and concentrated, silky smooth in the middle and with fine tannin.” Hooke added, “full-bodied yet elegant with violets, blackberry and tobacco.” The wine is still very youthful and exuberant with great depth and persistence. As expected of a high-quality McLaren Vale wine, it cries out for more time and will gain complexity for many years.

    It was a very good year.

    • Skip the drinking, go straight to the hangover.

      • With this cretin, a permanent hangover as was dispensed, should be the norm.

  3. Couldn’t help but notice the ‘hoodie’ this fellow was wearing. ‘Tis Australia’s winter season, but maybe he was channeling obama’s (“if I had a son”) trayvon.

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