Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 24, 2014

He took the alien probe so that others might live in freedom.

Via the UK Mirror:
Retired US Marine claims he spent 17 years on MARS protecting five human colonies from Martians.

Are you ready for the truth?

“Okay, okay…. I admit it: I got drunk on an exercise in central Australia and wandered away from camp. I tell ya though, emus look a lot like aliens after eight cans of Fosters!”

They look like aliens even without the beer to me.

(Gif source here)


  1. Send the emu to Southeast AU., they can assist in stamping the snow down. đŸ˜‰

    Do they allow Captain Kaye to venture out of his rubber room now and then, for a bit of fresh air and exercise?

    • Snow! If only! Ours is the cold of clear night skies that let the heat escape.
      As for the captain, I’m surprised he hasn’t promoted himself to Emperor of Mars by now.

      • Umm, yeah you are correct, Alberta, Saskatchewan, The Yukon or wherever the hell that job market was, you will have Nunavut.

        Sounds and without doubt, brutal. Tasted some of that crap being born and raised to mid-teens, Buffalo NY.

  2. Cute, I love JP’s comment too.

    • Why thank you, good sir.

  3. After viewing the headlines of ‘news’ in the U.S., do you think that there is a way as to Captain Kaye and his “secret bases”, short of water boarding, to get those aforementioned “secret bases” revealed?

    Reason for the question IS, this place (the U.S) along with the rest of the globe is, it IS going to hell in a hand basket, and damn fast at that.

    Oh, and if not, then by all means let the water boarding begin.

    • I watched Bill Whittle’s segment Not One Of Us today. Oh, boy. That Susan Rice… I wonder how she sleeps at night?

      • With the screams, moans and contortions and still have 21 ‘clients’ to go, she doesn’t sleep that much.

        And those is just from the Left side of the aisle. Our Repubs demand, every orifice be filled and for that demand, susie cakes calls in the Persian Queen, valerie jarrett. Uh Huh, Uh Huh..

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