Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 21, 2014

Friday… and other news.

Regular readers will recall the story of my last place of employment – specifically, my departure therefrom.

In the intervening time I’ve been coasting. Coasting more than a little, I admit. Too bad that February through to April is my favourite part of the year in Perth. March is usually harsh; in our eastern cities, it’s the official start of autumn. In this city… it’s like summer saves all its meanest energy until we’re really good and tired of the relentless blue skies and sunshine. And then, March.

Once that’s done the days are warm but not scorching and the nights are comfortably cool. May this year was just one continuous shower but I still nabbed an afternoon or two for a stroll.

I thought it wise to not be too keen in finding work. It’s not unusual these days for employers to put a clause in the deal that bars ex-employees from going straight to a rival. Management at the old firm however had broadened their definition of off-limits to the point where a chap who was hired by one of our suppliers was told he’d have to wait out the three months. Waiting has stretched the budget, but the last thing I wanted was to have a potential employer pushed away.

You may say – others did – that I was dramatising. Possibly. After management’s shenanigans back in February I wouldn’t put anything past them.

But the waiting is over. And while I’ve been getting out and discovering my part of the city with long walks I’ve also been doing some study.

I completed the first set of assignments last weekend and my trainer’s very happy with my work. She’s rated me as Competent.

I could be happier. Tertiary education operates at two main levels here – universities and TAFE, which stands for Technical And Further Education. Apparently my course – Certificate IV in Recordkeeping – is part of TAFE’s domain, and that’s how they grade in TAFE. Competent or Not Competent.

More detail has been requested but I may have to settle for what I’ve got. Fingers crossed I’m closer to Reasonably Competent than Barely Competent.


On other matters…

This heading on an email left me confused.


I asked, who is Robert Galbraith then when he doesn’t have his activity books? Enid Blyton? Or Dennis Wheatley?

But peak confusion was yet to come.

It was dinner time when I walked into the kitchen. This song was playing on the radio.

I thought the presenter back announced the band as The Starless Dicks.



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