Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 15, 2014

Flag Day in the USA.


Okay, so it’s not your flag. But is is your Gina Elise wearing it.

That ought to count for something…



  1. I want to test your knowledge, clever guy, while I boast about my own experience.

    Do you know the name Bob Heft? Clue: there is a connection with the stars and stripes, something to do with the number of stars.

    Pray, tell me.

    • Bob Heft… No, I’ll pass, Ike. I could whip into Google – but as Nixon told Dean, That Would Be Wrong!!!

      • Bob Heft was the Mayor of Napoleon, Ohio when I visited there in 1994; large tall fellow he was then.

        He proudly showed me the photograph of him as a lad in High school with President Eisenhower when the then incumbent President hoisted the 50 star flag for the first time following the announcement of the incorporation of Hawaii and Alaska.

        Government had written out a competition for the design of the 50 star flag and the design of young Bob Heft was the winner. I met him on Flag Day 1994 and remember it because it was also the birthday of my young brother, Boetie who passed on four years ago.

        He went on to become Mister Flag and served on the boards of every company involved in the manufacturing of Flags by the Million. It was my honor to spend almost a full day with him.

        Now you can Google for more.

      • Sorry Greg

        Please edit third last par where it should be “flag day 1994” and not “say” as I missed a key. The darn half an eye!

        • Edited as requested, Ike.
          The Wiki page on Bob Heft notes that he had copyrighted flag designs for more stars yet – 51 up to 60. Obviously saw the prospect of the Australian states, New Zealand and South Africa joining the Union. Bugger! I could have been President!

          • Thanks Greg

            Won’t you pass the link to your Post on to JP [the Sicilian] in Etcetera etc Please and ask him that I am asking him to do a Post on Bob Heft. Ask him also to get the help he needs from Lady Pumabydesign [Denise].

            I would love to see the two of them working together. My half an eye won’t let me do much now and I must conserve what I have.

            On 6/16/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

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