Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 11, 2014

Our man Abbott. Don’t you wish he was yours too?

All across The Great South Land, leftwit heads are exploding.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott! How they hate to hear those four words together.

In the last few months TA has been subjected to the rantings of those who would have preferred to see The Circus Of Ineptitude stay in power. High priestess of the lefty loonbags, Margo Kingston, uses a word that’s become quite popular with the Liberal government’s detractors.

Mad Margo

‘Illegitimate’ WTF? you ask. Indeed. Perhaps the Macquarie Dictionary will make the necessary adjustments to redefine the word as meaning ‘That which is chosen by the majority and rejected by a small, disproportionately noisy minority.’ The Mac has obliged our local leftwits in this manner once before.

Abbottophobes have attacked the man, his wife, one of his daughters – and got nowhere. You’d think they might have learnt something by now – these were same tactics Labor and the left used before the election. It’s been a rerun of the 2012 Presidential campaign in that respect. One exploding cigar after another.

Meanwhile, Mr Abbott gets on with the job. And continues to impress.

TA at Ground Zero

Earlier today I visited Ground Zero. It’s an extraordinarily sombre place.

It’s really quite overwhelming to be at the place where some 2,900 people were killed – including 10 Australians – in one of the most horrific moments in world history.

I pay my respects to all who died that day.

I particularly acknowledge the 10 Australians who died that day.

I remember all the emergency services personnel who responded on that terrible day – particularly those who died.

Above all else, though, we cherish the freedom which was under assault that day.

We should never forget that the 9/11 bombers were people who hated us, who hated our way of life, because we are free people: we are countries and civilisations which believe that everyone should be free to live their own life, to worship their own god, to do their own thing.

We should cherish that way of life which is so magnificent and yet which sadly is still so hated by fanatics around the world.

Sure beats chewing gum…


  1. The mad monk never disappoints us !

    • And the air was filled yea verily with the fury of the antiAbbotts even unto the third generation…

  2. ‘Illegitimate’

    Quite possible that MK remembers all those whispers (in her infancy) concerning her genetics and the circumstances of her birth.

    • Two words: Rosemary’s Baby.

      • Polanski-Rosemary’s Baby-Margo..It fits.

  3. As to the wish you typed, DAMN right mate.

  4. I notice and have for a good period of time, foisting my mad thoughts in and of things concerning Australia (I blame Tim Blair) that your nation has candidates that can contribute to the re-population of our tropical paradise in Cuba.

    • If only. We’d be happy if some of those paid-up illegals would swing their boats north at New Guinea and deliver themselves to North Korea.

      • With ya’ on that, mate. Besides, they very well could meet, Dear Leader the Turd bestest friend. NBA’s Dennis Rodman.

  5. Omg…I’m so tempted to re-activate my FB account so I can share this and piss off all those anti Abbott people that I have on my ‘friends’ list. 😜

    • You can be sure that they’d unfriend themselves afterward, so it might be worth the trouble.

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