Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 10, 2014

Come and see The Great South Land.

Airpano presents The Twelve Apostles National Park.

The Apostles are a famous rock formation along the coast of southern Victoria; but the joyrides don’t end there. The Airpano team have also visited Sydney and The Great Barrier Reef.

In fact, they’ve visited a shipload of places. Even the stratosphere.

Like Google Earth combined with the highest quality mescaline. Open the doors of your perception!



  1. Impressive, along with all of its M&M’s.
    magnificent, majestic, imposing, splendid, spectacular, grand, awe-inspiring, striking, stunning, breathtaking, impactful..

    • Starting to sound like a career objective here… just sayin’.

      • To borrow a phrase: “The world is your oyster”, mate..

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