Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 7, 2014

‘Take him to Detroit!’ While there’s still some of it left.

Fellow Perth blogger Stu has provided graphic pictures of the transition from Motor City to Ruined City.

Decomposing Detroit

He’s posted a link to his source at the bottom of his post. Recommended if you’re on the hunt for bargains in real estate – or if you want to visit a world without civilisation.


  1. Shame or more shame of it is, it will get continue to rot.

    Dearborn, MI. just a 13 minute drive or so from Detroit, on the other hand is busy building, umm, gosh, what do they call those things..hmm, oh yeah masks or some such.

    Lot of islammies, ooops arab hyphenated ‘Mericans.

  2. Honest to GOD! I thought I HAD posted a comment wordy.

  3. Sad it is BUT, its suburb Dearborn, MI is busy building mosques. Loads of hyphenated Americans of the arab kind..

    If it weren’t for lard asses like mikey mooron weighing State of MI. down, it is possible it would just float away.

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