Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 4, 2014

Doc Neeson, 1947-2014.

I don’t know how big The Angels were in America in their heyday back in the 80s but in Australia they were huge. Sadly, the band’s original singer Doc Neeson succumbed to a brain tumour this morning.

Condolences and reminiscences can be found at the Blairblog. Jason of Sydney mentions that Doc was an Army man once upon a time; I did some quick research and found this item (now several years out of date).

Doc was a sergeant in New Guinea. Later, when he was on stage instead of in uniform, he kept a special place in his heart for our Diggers. In 1999 he organised a concert for INTERFET troops in East Timor. In 2007 he took a breakaway version of the Angels to Afghanistan; they were the first rock band to ever perform there. The Commander of Australian Forces honoured Doc with medals for his service many years earlier, and an honorary promotion to Major.

The Angels’ most popular song was Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again. But this is my personal favourite.



  1. Sad indeed. I think I read somewhere that he trained to be a teacher before joining the army. I wonder what his life would have been like if he’d continued down that career path.

    • I saw The Angels the first time I went to Sydney – a family adventure in 1977. They played at the Haymarket as part of The Festival of Sydney. This was before they adopted the edgy sound of Take A Long Line and subsequent hits but they weren’t lightweights even then.

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