Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 13, 2014

H R Giger, 1940-2014.

Hans Rudi Giger, the man who fueled the nightmares of a generation with his bizarre biomechanical monstrosities, has died after a fall.

I bought a copy of his legendary Necronomicon when it was finally released in Australia, but I gave it away to a friend after a while. Giger’s creations were just a bit too much for me, even as I was awestruck at his skill and originality.


Every artist is attempting to create his own world, and Giger’s world was built on Lovecraftian principles. The angles, lines and shapes of distant universes that would drive men mad to behold. His compositions were disturbing – an early exhibition drew spit from passersby – but their complexity indicated a desire to reach beyond mere shock value.

Giger’s vision was unique. And even as I mourn his passing, I’m just a little bit thankful for that.

(Picture from The Verge. More here.)

Giger for tmi

Don’t be sorry that I’m gone. I left behind all my little friends to keep you company at night…

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