Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 10, 2014

We break now for two important messages from The White House.


obama ashtag

and hers.

He ate BO



  1. That my friend, is the essence of it. Well, when it isn’t called RACISM and for sure, as you have noticed, these two do a damn good job at the race thingy.

    AND, they have scads of assistance from the White Progressive’s in our ‘Central Committee’, the Meeja and of course their comrades of the same heritage.

    • And talk of HRC for 2016 – that stormtrooper will be worried about being damned as sexist in a very short time.

      • True. Hell Hilly may even begin wearing dresses and skirts, just to show off her cankles.

  2. Having the damndest time with this machine of mine. In, Explorer the “like” button does not show. With the Google browser, websites have a nervous spasm, jumping all over the place.

    Of course, regardless the browser, the system brought forward (pilfered some say) by a four eyed BILLIONAIRE (and yes, I wear which puts me in the four eyed category) named MicroShit, just could be the main problem..

    • Have you tried Pale Moon Browswer?

      • No BUT at this stage, I will. Just bookmarked it..

      • Quick it is. I like it. And thank you.

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