Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 9, 2014

Speaking of problems with the opposite sex:

Married To The Sea nail it yet again.



You never have to say sorry to me

Somehow, they always seem to get the last word.

Do you want to hear a joke

BONUS OFFERING: Combine womanhood with evil tyranny, and what do you get?

2016 is coming



  1. wimmins, it is said use both sides of their brain(s) to elicit what pours from their mouths. With exceptions such as a Margaret Thatcher, or our Condi Rice, et al, shesa’ no work to well.

    Hillary is another student of the Antonio Gramsci/Saul Alinsky Gradualism stuffs as you know and now that she is over her wimmins monthlies, she is still a

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