Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 3, 2014

An ANZAC Day story with a difference.

A good story, too. From my local neighbourhood paper.

War medals returned.

War medals returned.

S/Sgt Dave Whitnell presents Arthur Murray’s war medals, stolen ten years ago, to Mr Murray’s grandson Aidan. Mr Murray, who served in Korea, died in 2009.


  1. Why in THE HELL, some foul bastard (and we have millions of those types in the states) steal the medals in the first place?

    Then of course, the title of a Blog produced by a person ‘on the run for snatching BEER’, explains it eloquently:

    The mind is an unexplored country.

    Tickled for the young lad, Aidan and I’m sure he does and will treasure those earned medals.

    Thumbs Up, mate!

    • It’s beyond understanding – but like you say…
      One of the regulars as Tim’s Spleenville blog was connected to a group that identified military impostors. Some of these bastards have the gall to turn up at ANZAC Day parades wearing medals they didn’t earn. Sometimes they get caught out when they don’t know what they’re wearing – “So you fought in WW2 and Korea in the Australian Army, and Vietnam in the US Navy? That’s interesting. Tell me more…”

  2. Lying fraud Bastids!
    No medals, just a uniform replete with boots on this shtupid bastid in the states, but A major confrontation, by REAL Vets.

  3. Excellent!!

    • I’d like to know what happened to the medals during their ten years MIA. Did the thief wear them? Try to sell them? Guess we’ll never know…

      • There are plenty of shops for WWII merchandise, pawn shops, etc.

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