Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 23, 2014

Let’s have a look at those statistics.

After four years and a few months of blogging, the stats reveal some unexpected facts.

On 22nd of March, when I topped 50,000 views, I grabbed a few screencaps.

Views by country:

Origin top ten

The interest from the US particularly has always surprised me. I don’t make any special effort to angle the blog towards anything that might attract American readers – but views from the States outnumber Australian, UK and Canadian views combined.

Looking below the top four, I’m clearly known around Europe too.

How does this compare to my own blog viewing? Offhand I’d say 80% of my visits go to blogs in either America or England. Signora Laura adds a Mediterranean perspective – but to get the best from her posts I’d need to learn Italian. Funny, though, how a man can go to the far side of the world and find he’s right back at home.

Most popular posts:

Top ten posts

Passing over the Home page, it’s obvious that I’ve tapped into both the Boardwalk Empire and Twilight demographics.

Apparently I hit the jackpot with the orgasm seekers too. Sorry to anyone from that group who’s been left feeling cheated…

The next two posts are related to Australia – the battle of Milne Bay, where Australian troops gave the Japanese their first land defeat in 1942, and the land development at Martha Cove in Victoria. These are both posts I put some work into and I’m grateful that they keep drawing views.

I’m happy to see Rosemary Margan high on the list. Rosemary was my first weather girl, on GTV 9 in Melbourne fifty years ago. She spent forty years working in tv and radio, and was always a lady with class.

Notably absent from both these lists is a certain pin up princess(speaking of ladies with class). But when we go to the search terms, it’s a different story.

Top ten search terms

There at the top – Miss Gina Elise of Pin Ups For Vets. Carol Eden at second is the surprise showing. Miss Eden was a Playboy playmate back in 1960.  Bob Belvedere featured the lady a couple of years ago at TCOTS. I could post a direct link, but you’ll thank me more if you just start here.

Well, that was fun. And so onward to 100,000 views. More Gina, anyone?




  1. I’m clearly known around Europe too

    Yeah, been hearin about that..

    • I just hope the reward money buys you enough beer to drown your guilty conscience!

      • LMAO Mate..

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