Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 16, 2014

Arseclowns continue to proliferate despite the best efforts of government. Oh, wait a minute…

These guys are employed by the government! Well! That’s certainly a surprise!

Paco carried on his blog the story of yet another TSA public relations triumph. A woman who suffered a stroke some years ago was kept off a flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix because her driver’s licence was expired.

Furthermore she was unable to speak when the TSA creep demanded she give her name.  Despite the pleadings of her sister, the lady was forced to Plan B: a bus journey of eight hours.

The TSA is all ‘Could have been handled differently’ and ‘We’ll do better next time.’ Which doesn’t fool anyone. Certainly not me Not since I was given access to this transcript from a TSA recruiting session.

“Let’s talk about people skills… Stanley, how would you describe your people skills? Strong, average or poor?”

“People? I [deleted] hate people. All the [deleted]s ever do is give a guy like me a hard time. I’m there to do a [deleted] job and they should just leave me the [deleted] alone. If they can’t get their [deleted] heads out of their [deleted] [deleted] assholes far enough to see that, [deleted] them. They [deleted] deserve what they got comin’.”

“Stanley – (enthusiastic handshake) – welcome to the team!!”

Meanwhile, in Washington, there’s action underway to claim back monies supposedly owing for decades. When the original recipients are found to have died the government’s organs are putting their hands into the pockets of the children.

If this proves successful – that is to say, if the bureaucrats can bully their targets into submission without too much court time – the next phase will be to begin exhuming childless debtors. Johnson, go harass the corpse in 41A, please.

Still, it robs conservatives of the claim that lefties all move in lockstep. It was OUR government, in 2009, that GAVE money to dead people.

And now that we’re back on this side of the Pacific we can take a moment to laugh rather than grit our teeth. Bob Carr, who was temporarily an inept Foreign Minister under Jooolya, had previously been an inept premier of the state of New South Wales for more than a decade. Carr was renowned for his high opinion of himself. When I say ‘high opinion’, in Carr’s case, I mean stratospheric. And now Bob has written his memoirs – only, the marketing isn’t going quite as he would have expected.

As the Morning Mail explains:

…the [Sydney Morning] Herald had misread its readership. It assumed that an article which touched lightly on Carr’s smirking ego, but praised him otherwise, would be fully endorsed by its readership. There would be sackloads of letters and emails about how much Bob the Builder was missed, and how they longed for his return. 185 comments later the Herald realised that their assumption that green/lgbt/left readers were in the majority was probably wrong. The comments had made that assumption very doubtful.

Follow the link to read what happened then.

There have been a few comments even from right-inclined observers that the whole diary was a joke from the start. Bob was just sending himself up! Having a laugh at his pomposity-loaded persona!

Like they say… they’re not laughing WITH you. In fact, they’re not laughing at all.


Bob’s done his, and Jooolya’s memoirs are in the works too. All we need now is Kruddfuhrer to complete the unholy trinity and the $2 shops will be overflowing.

Maybe the Greens could actually make themselves useful and sue the publishers for this egregious slaughter of trees?



  1. Bob’s problem is, he just finished pulling his head out of his arse and can’t see a facility reasonably close by to wash and sanitize.

    • A better explanation that any I could think of.

      • 🙂 Anyone that shakes his hand, does so at their own risk.

  2. As to the American arse clowns, the words used by OUR arseclown spokesperson, especially the last few “could have been handled differently by the family”, should be voted into the Arseclown Hall of Fame.

    My humble opinion, it would be in the top ten of all time arseclown’ ery..

    • I flew out of LAX too on my way back home. The treatment was polite but brisk.
      This story leaves me with the gut sense that I was lucky more than they were unlucky.

      • The old adage “the customer is always right” (yeah well, it ain’t my BUT The American public IS the customer and we pay the salaries of these clowns.

        I completely understand the need for these people, just as Australians (and the rest of the world governments) do for their flight security in today’s world) brisk is on the borderline of piss poor relations, but an outrage such as what this dear woman and family had to go through, uh-uhhh.

        AND to lay blame on this woman and family, as this idiot did, is uh-uhhh to the 10th degree.

        Totally against the Black “slave” mentality, but in this case, I’d run this episode all the way up to Barry.

  3. Reblogged this on et cetera* and commented:
    Incredible outrage for one woman and her family.

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