Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 8, 2014

Spot the difference?

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been in Asia sealing trade deals with Japan and South Korea.

A photo from the Daily Telegraph carried an eerie resonance… why was the scene familiar?

Suddenly the connection was made.

Spot the difference meme


  1. I dunno’ mate, thatsa’ tough one to figure. Buwhaaaa!

    All of them Joolya’s got OUR Moochelle look about ’em..

    • I feel a little sorry for the girls standing behind Jooolya. Most of them are interns or junior staff, I suspect, press-ganged into the event. None of them look like they really want to be there.
      And since it IS ‘Women’ in the title, where are the female MPs that supported Jooolya? Perhaps they already knew that her days were numbered. As Senator Michaelia Cash pointed out, Emily’s Listers weren’t around to support Joooolya when Kruddfuhrer made his move just a few weeks after this pic was taken.

      • Yes and I do agree. I’m certain you have noticed shots of those standing near our cretins in power, past and present.

        To retype: “None of them look like they really want to be there.”

        Dunno which is appropriate, ‘funny that’ or ‘unfunny that’.

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