Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 5, 2014

Can we get it right today, please? WA votes a second (or third!) time for the Senate.

Third time, you say?

Quite so. Residents at an old folks home in northern Perth will vote once more than the rest of us after their ballot papers were deposited in an insecure box.

The Australian Electoral Commission really has no excuse on this. They screwed up the first vote last year when they lost nearly 1400 ballot papers. This piece of idiocy tends to indicate that lessons have not been learnt.

Australia often sends scrutineers abroad to nations less acquainted with democratic practice. Supposedly we’ve got the credentials on free and fair elections – try failed and fucked up instead! This is one foreign aid program we should definitely suspend until we get our own house in order.

The people managing an election should not be acting as entertainment. That role should be left to the candidates – and boy, we’ve had entertainment enough there. Mainly from the ALP, whose top line candidate, union man Joe Bullock, has admitted that he didn’t vote for the ALP in 1975. Is that something the party can hold against him? ’75 was the year that Australia’s worst pre-Ruddlard government went down the tubes. In 1975 the ALP could have packed all of its supporters into a phone booth and still had room for a bar and a jacuzzi.

Mr Bullock has also revealed that he’s dead set against gay marriage. In the ALP of today, home to trend-conscious leftwits, this is heresy. JB might as well have said that polar bears are delicious with french fries and barbecue sauce, and here’s my recipe for roast dolphin.

But he’s #1 candidate nevertheless. If the ALP get only one candidate into the Senate today, it’s guaranteed to be Joe. He got top spot in a political move that bumped incumbent Louise Pratt down to second place last year. As the name suggests, Louise is a lady of the female persuasion. Great Lenin! The ALP left itself wide open to accusations of misogyny there, didn’t it? Blatantly favouring a man over a woman. And the howls of outrage… were heard nowhere.

A more serious revelation has emerged in the past few days. Bullock was charged with assault back in 1996.

That’s a long time ago, as Joe says. But trying to hide it does tend to make the voters suspicious.

Just for you, Joe, I broke with tradition. Meme before motivator.

I don't always vote Labor V2

Today’s election has been a magnet for micro parties – the full list of candidates is here.
And why are they called micro parties, you ask? Because ‘single issue parties’ is kind of derogatory. And ‘Me, the wife, and the bloke down the street parties’ is just too long winded.

With preferences to be allocated, it could be a while before we have a result. Stay tuned.


  1. Mr Bollocks…their best man…their only hope.

    • He’ll get nothing from me but the breeze as I walk past the man with the ALP how to vote card.

  2. I vote at every election after studying the pollies form, the policies, the promises, their pets and the people who actually believe what the pollies say.

    Then I read, with great disappointment, the results.

    We always end up with a bunch of politicians. Every bloody time !!!

    And they don’t have a clue about running the country.

    Tony Windsor was the last pollie I had any respect for.

    I’ve just voted today by numbering 77 boxes below the line and I couldn’t see any name there which inspired me. Maybe I’m blind.

    I think the various political campaigns in Perth this week are covered by this cartoon . . . .


    • It’s true… whoever you vote for, a politician always gets elected.
      My view on politics is that it’s not about who is right. It’s about who is least wrong.
      I don’t agree with everything the Liberals want to do – and locally, I’d say they made a big mistake by trumpeting the light rail system before the state election and then dropping it.
      Be that as it may. The new federal government is far preferable to the Circus of Ineptitude they replaced.
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Vote problems in Australia? Shirley not! Glad we in the Socialist Republic of Barryland, don’t have that problem.

    The woman is Black. Ima’ racis, ain’t I?


  4. ONLY half a dozen times? She wasn’t trying hard enough.

    Part of the voting process here is a question: Have you voted before in today’s election? One of Blair’s commenters said he replied ‘Yes, but not today.’ I wish I’d thought of that!

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