Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 28, 2014

“You deserve all the derision you get on this site and others for being the hypocrites you are.”

The Cabal of Sore Losers, Antipodean Division, has been flexing its tantrum muscles lately.

It began with the March in March, which got lots of unhappy people out on the streets. Nowhere near as many unhappy people as the number who got in to the polling booths on 7 September last year – but that’s another story, and one which our local leftwits chose to ignore. Self-righteous anger trumps plain facts in their rule book.

They marched with banners about the people being held in detention centres. Where was the outrage when the Circus of Ineptitude put those people in detention centres? The new government under Tony Abbott has been working hard to put an end to the people smuggling industry – inexplicably the MarchinMarchers find this appalling. ‘Not in my name!’

And they find Tony Abbott himself especially appalling. One banner several metres long shouted FUCK TONY ABBOTT FUCK DEMOCRACY. Our last Liberal PM at least had detractors with a grade 3 pass in English; wordplay skills enough to produce the JOHN COWARD IS A HUNT t-shirts. The Abbott haters can’t claim even that feeble degree of wit.

Notorious Werribee refugee and lefty baiter Tim Blair initiated Work on Wednesday as a response. Tim’s regular readers cheerfully participated. And then the MiMers got in on the act. They sent Tim their own pics declaring that they too had been hard at work on Wednesday and were nevertheless still pissed off with the Abbott government.

The response from Tim’s supporters is summarised nicely by the comment from Scott that serves as title to this post.

Photos and retorts await you here.

The ex-government which perpetrated so many of the stuffups that the Mimbies blame upon the Libs has been putting on a show of its own in Parliament. It’s surely no coincidence that Western Australia will be returning to the ballot box in a week for a second Senate election. Labor and its democracy-fucking allies want to send a message to the voters.

I’m getting their message loud and clear. It says, Vote Liberal all the way. Give the adults what they need to govern.


  1. Excellent…well wrItten. You’re in your usual fine form.

    • When there’s such a surfeit of riches the writing is not too hard at all. So much I left out…
      I had an exchange of views with a Labor supporter on another site who begin listing all the firsts of the Ruddlard years. I chipped in with, first government to give us female PM, then replace her with the clown they took down because she was even more poisonous with the voters than he was.
      Another Laborite jumped on me for that. ‘Oh yeah, that’s right, make an issue about the female thing.’
      Yes, and why not? The cheers were loud enough when Joooolya got the position. But now I’m a misogynist to even dare mentioning it.
      ‘Backflip’ doesn’t begin to describe it.

  2. You…woman hater? That’s so funny. .I’m sure, with a little thought and time…you’ll have further to say.

    • I made a crack to the effect of ‘Go on, call me a misogynist’ and all I got back was ‘Whatever’. I’m claiming the win there.

  3. I was disappointed to see abusive banners at the March in March Events.

    This was however advertised as a family friendly event, and banners such as ‘resign dickhead’ is not a statement I’d advocate as doing much positive when it comes to raising awareness of those who believe there are some poor policy positions on the part of the Liberal Party. Examples like that take away from the seriousness of the situation.

    I did not vote for Abbott or the Liberal Party. My own views are not consistent with the Liberal policies, and I did as much research as I could before placing my vote. There have been times my views have not been consistent with Labor policies either, and honestly I’d say my personal values and principles mostly fall in line with Greens Policies – but not all.

    I am not loyal to any particular party, and think that both of the Major parties have been responsible for some great policy as well as some terrible outcomes.

    I think the best thing we can do as individuals is become as informed as we can and then advocate for change based on that information.

    • Thanks for the comment. Points for admitting you didn’t vote for Abbott, too.
      Had I been the organiser of this family friendly event, I would have advised the people with the banners to put them back in the car, or find another place to do their marching. That would have laid me open to charges of stifling free speech, I suppose…

      • That’s abuse in my mind – and does absolutely nothing for the credibility of the people holding them up.

        In most instances the march was peaceful and respectful and there was some very witty, non abusive banners around that got messages and opinions across quite well.

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