Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 22, 2014

And in response to Spectacle, I present…

Let’s begin with a good hard-driving song that was well complemented with a stylish clip.

From the early 1990s – Deborah Conway.

And about the same time that Under My Skin was released, a song from twenty years earlier made a comeback in Reservoir Dogs. The original film clip can almost wipe away the memory of that torture scene… almost.

The Bees asked a question: Who Cares What The Question Is? And put it into clay.

This parody of Wicked Game was perhaps too wrong even for the ACMI crowd.

And maybe there were legal issues about featuring Reverend Hinn in full slapdown mode.

There was another version of this that included a few words from Mrs Hinn. Something about a Holy Ghost Enema as I recall.

Final choice here is a song that parodies a genre rather than a specific song.

The noise of smoke

The taste of deception

The deadly threat that you mustn’t fear…

The hands that punch!

The voice at the window!

His are the eyes that ring in your ears

Lunge Dolphin was passed over on the last Bond movie. Maybe with Bond 24 his eccentric genius will be properly recognised.

And then again… maybe not.

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