Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 18, 2014

Other people’s pictures, March 2014.

Recall that lovely piece of electronic music in my last post? It was the work of Richard D. James, who records under the name of Aphex Twin.

Mr Jones has decided that he wants to be Miss Jones. Unfortunately, his albums aren’t selling well. But at least he’s made a start.


Still with me? Mister/Ms James will be appearing again on TMI in the near future. You’ll realise then that this was just the softening-up process.

If you can stagger on a little further, there’s a gentle balm awaiting your eyes. First however some very helpful advice for women on the go. And I do mean ‘on the go.’

Star Tip Knickers

Ah, those English women. So resolute and resourceful. They get it from their grandmothers, who learnt to dodge Hitler’s bombs during the war.

Ruth Wilson is an English actress. This pic suggests that she is also a vampire.

ruth wilson vampire

Seriously… that predatory stare…

Ungrateful Human

Hands up if you’re cringing in regret right now.

From the flipside of reason.

In the midst of life

Is it… no, it’s… uh, wait a minute…

And now the visual treat I promised earlier. Miss Meg Chambers Steedle, actress.

Meg Chambers Steedle

Sadly, Meg’s character Billie Kent came to a messy end in Boardwalk Empire. I hope her next role survives longer.

Last for today: a fine tribute to my namesake, by one erlkoenig at DeviantART.



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