Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 6, 2014

My most interesting resignation ever – concluded.

The story begins here…

And now, the thrilling confusion. I mean, conclusion.

Part 2: Satisfying, yes. But smart?

Gutless had another reason to be sore. I’d put my notice in while he was on leave and another manager had seen it. The stand-in manager reportedly described my letter as ‘impressive’. Ambiguous praise under the circumstances

Courageous move, Minister

Courageous move, Minister!

and I certainly wasn’t without my own doubts. Right up to the day that I handed the white envelope across I was asking myself Do you really want to go through with this?

A quiet exit would have been the sensible option. Apply the usual phrases – time to move on, needing new challenges, growing stale in the current role.

The sensible option. I would have hated myself in the morning.

I wanted to stand up and call BS and risk the consequences. And the Dangerous Idiot was overdue for a taste of his own medicine. He’s become notorious throughout the firm and indeed the industry for an aggressive lack of courtesy. A quiet exit would have been a courtesy that he did not deserve.

There can’t be much that’s more unhealthy for future prospects than ending badly with an employer and making it public. I’ll risk that too. The story here is not so much the resignation; it’s the reaction.

Management could have left me to work out the four weeks in peace. Or they could have said, ‘Sorry you feel that way. Here’s what we owe you, and there’s the door.’ With either course they could have maintained their dignity – in which case I’d now be feeling foolish. Instead they threw their dignity away with petty intimidation and harassment. At the same time they were worried sick that I would hit the emails and blow the story open to everyone in the company. Alternately fretting and stirring.

I accused management of being cowards and idiots and they behaved like cowards and idiots.

Whatever my other shortcomings, you can’t fault me as a judge of character.

Part 3: If all else fails, I’ll follow the band.

After Gutless made his play and failed I half-expected the Dangerous Idiot himself might show up for a confrontation. Alas, it was not to be. Although he’s headquartered in another state the Idiot visited Perth at least twice after I resigned. He was in town just a couple of days after I did the deed.

I daresay he was too busy to contact directly a staff member who held him in such low esteem. Or perhaps he simply lacked spine and preferred fobbing the dirty work off to his underlings. A face to face would have been a very special treat after Gutless; although I stayed calm during our conversation, I was rather fired up afterwards. Had the Dangerous Idiot shown up I would have said – quite truthfully – that Gutless had told me I was wrong on many counts.

But he didn’t say I was wrong about you being a dangerous idiot. In fact, he didn’t say a single word in your defence. Not one. And that surprised me… because you two make a very lovely couple. I hope you have many, many happy years together.

If only! Ah, well – better to have a weapon and not need it than the other way round.


So where from here?

I’ve moved about considerably in my working life, but most of the roles I’ve taken were connected to warehousing, ie, receivals and despatch. Sometimes this was part of a larger role but mostly I’ve been in the warehouse.

Time for a change. Records management, here I come.

My stores experience will be useful. There’s an overlap between the two roles in the area of storage and location. Also, filing and such activities aren’t regarded as glamorous – which means there’s usually a need for someone to step in and roll up their sleeves. A few people have said good choice – nobody in my office ever wants to do the filing!

At 53, with the country’s demographics shifting as they are, I’m probably looking at another 20 years of work. I need to stretch my brain in new directions, and there’s good potential for job satisfaction in records management. Though I might seem a dangerous character at times I enjoy pulling a little order out of the chaos too.

And like I say, if all else fails…

(Save that link until you’re alone. No point both of us being unemployed.)


  1. May want to consider applying for a position with the lovelies, as an instrument. Trombone would be a dandy.

    • True. But I’d be happy banging their drums.

      • And they do have some drums..

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