Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 2, 2014

Perth, as seen from New York.

It’s kind of weird to read about your own city as a tourist destination… and do we really want to be known as ‘hipster heaven’?

Catching Perth’s Wave in Western Australia

Via Tim Blair, who thinks that a stamp of approval from the NYT is more damning than that black mark on Cain’s forehead. ‘Destroy it. Immediately,’ he says. He could be right.

Still, our Manhattan correspondent obviously made one group of people very happy.

Jamming flier after flier into my purse — comedy series? film festival? eco-market?

People waving bits of paper at you is a new experience for a Manhattanite? Too bad we didn’t have a penguin-scoffing kangaroo on every corner.


  1. Nice place you have there, mate. How many occasions have you had poached eggs on sourdough with house made avocado butter slathered on?

    • Er – none, that I can recall…

      • that I can recall The key verbiage.

        • I can’t argue. I used to indulge in breakfast at Oxford 130 on a Sunday morn, or bacon and eggs at Mille or Villa Italia – RIP VI, Northbridge is the poorer for your passing – but the stuff the item describes sounds about $20 over my standard restaurant budget.

          • Well mate, you could see a rise in those prices after your post AND the swooning Princess with the NYT report. lol.

            BTW, have a damn dandy recipe for baked avocado and poached eggs, with spices in abundance. Will email it.

            DAMN, now I’m hungry..

            • addendum: And, a beer or three. Has to be after the noon hour somewhere in the world, eh?

            • Tell them you’re on AEDST.

            • Will do,

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