Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 27, 2014

Maybe this year someone will say it.

Although the honesty might fry televisions all around the world.

The Oscars speech



  1. Completely agree with the sentiment, Eff ’em.

    Why would I pay money, to view ’12 YEARS A SLAVE’, when its ONLY purpose is to stir racial tension here in the states? Those ‘tensions’ are HOT NOW, thanks to the stirring of one who has “a pen” and supposedly leads the U.S.

    If the Blacks want to show slavery, I suggest they make documentaries of the up close and personal variety, in Africa.

    I know the history of the U.S., and when my folks came TO the U.S. from Sicily, they did not OWN slaves, but immediately became a form of a slave, thanks to Jews, Irish, English, Dutch, Germans, et al, that looked down on them, chased them, beat them UNTIL the above mentioned, stupidly stumbled into an enclave called Little Italy.

    Believe it was 1891 or 92 in the city of New Orleans, that Sicilians that had been jailed due to prejudices of those mentioned, broke into that jail and dished out punishment, like murder of those jailed. What happened thereafter was, the U.S. formation of a very ‘secret society’ (shh, Omerta) thriving IN Sicily, brought up to speed here in the states.

    Why by gosh, we even hired a few of ’em to oversee our businesses like Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, O’Banion, O’Brien, Mickey Spillane.

    Ahh, basta, grazie (“enough” of my rant and “thank you”) even if you choose to delete it :-)..

    • Well, better out than in as they say!

      • Well yeah, but the pill and a vasectomy are much better ‘methods’. JP reporting and now back to you in the studio, Jim Greg.

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