Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 18, 2014

Meanwhile, in Jakarta…

Shake my hand
Shake my hand.
No, you shake MY hand.
NOOO… YOU shake MY hand!
Fine. Let’s just stand here and look stupid.


  1. Ahh yes, Mr. Teresa Heinz, aka Lurch. He doesn’t seem to care much for those of (oh gosh, which of these is less racist) Asian or Oriental descent?

    Plying the water areas of Cambodia, South Vietnam, Laos, Nepal, Switzerland or some such..

    • The other chap is Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, who tried to scare us by saying “I’ll tell John Kerry on you!” regarding the ongoing* problem with illegal boat arrivals.
      *Ongoing, but vastly reduced. The adults are slowly setting things right in Canberra.

      • Thanks to Mr. Abbott, eh?

        Our illegals as you know, just cross over. It’s racist not to allow that, so say the Dems and our half Kenyan.

        Heaven forfend, the illegals miss all the free stuff and our Dems, miss their votes. Sad thing is, some so called Repubs wants the same damn thing, votes.

        It assists in keeping their elitist, ‘we rule you’ offices in tact. Talk about free stuff given the tax dollars they get.

        • It’s a familiar story…

          • Yes it is unfortunately.

  2. Perfect!!

    • Assistant secretary of state for the region Danny Russel had this to say about the meeting:
      …I didn’t see in our conversation evidence that the issue of border control was something that the Indonesians wanted us to understand let alone do anything about…we very much hope that the full gamut of cooperation between Indonesia and Australia will be restored. Secretary Kerry made that clear to the foreign minister and we know that there is diplomatic and political dialogue and constructive conversation between the two countries and we wish you well.
      Which is kind of a headslap for Li’l Marty, the way I read it.

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