Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 2, 2014

Martha Cove: the return.

Quoting my original post on Martha Cove from 2011:

It’s a fucking disaster and as ugly as sin… Martha Cove sits at the foot of Mount Martha, which has retained its country ambience. The trees have been regrown since foresters went through early last century, and the houses have been designed to fit in.

The houses on Martha Cove… in all honesty, from a distance you’d think you were looking at rehabilitated industrial zones… I probably won’t be back in Melbourne until 2014…I’ve no idea what I will find, but something tells me that a further slide backward is more likely than a miraculous cure.

That was a harsh forecast. Martha Cove hasn’t suddenly become the hot spot of gorgeous on the Peninsula but neither has it become the horror I expected.

The drab faux industrial architecture is still prominent and I still don’t like it. My photo, unlike those I used in the earlier post, includes Mount Martha.

Martha Cove 01

Maybe it’s just me. But those hard concrete edges seem to collide with the hillside like a steel capped boot with a gentleman’s wedding tackle.  And jammed in so tight against each other. Country living is supposed to be a selling point here, so why does it look like every backyard is the size of a folded handkerchief?

Closer to the mouth of the inlet the residences do appear to be larger, even if still shoulder to shoulder.

Martha Cove 02

Of course, yard space is not what everyone wants. Commenting last year on my old post, Kevin C pointed out the difficulties of tending large open space for older folk. At the other end of the age scale are the young marrieds who don’t currently plan to start a family. The way Martha Cove is unfolding, it seems attractive to both demographics.

Where from here for Martha? Houses are being built, and those that were half-finished three years ago are now mostly completed and occupied. The future seems brighter. Now, all that’s needed is a decent shopping centre. Stand by for my next report… whenever.



  1. Martha Cove reminds me of this lovely area of the Florida Panhandle, just down the road a bit from my place, in that part of the world.

    You mention “shopping”, well delightful places such as, this architecture, would seem to do it justice..

    • Rosemary Beach looks a lot like Safety Beach from the photos. And the real estate is pretty reasonably priced too.

      • Really is a quaint and lovely area, and I’m sure Safety Beach is also.

        SHTUPID ME, had a piece of a real estate off, before the area became well known. Did I purchase anything in the area, except for the townhouse down the road a bit, Why Hell No.

        Way to busy selling bits and pieces of Rosemary and the other beaches along 30-A.

        Dunno’ which is in the lower percentile, shtupid or idiot, whichever is, I’m in.

        • “off”..Jesus H. offICE. Tolja lowest percentile group ME.

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