Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 24, 2014

Transcending geography.

This photo of Gina

Gina at the beach in winter

says “YAY! SUMMER!” even though she’s standing on a beach in California in winter.

Now isn’t that weird…

Afterthought: WTF is it with those guys in the background? What are they looking at? Are they blind?


  1. Greg

    Do you have a wife? Pray tell me? It occurred to me that those guys may have and didnt want them to see; what with the cameraman right there to produce the evidence. There are times when it is best to act as if you dont notice.

    The girl loved it.

    I am still battling my Internet Provider but things have improved; even managed a few new Posts. Vodacom is as mad as hell with me but I have them where I can twist their .[s] real hard.

    Do keep well.


    On 1/23/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • Good point, Ike! As a career single I don’t have to worry about being caught in the act of ogling. I often forget how fortunate I am that way.
      And keep on with the Vodacom twist. Give them all they can take, and then, give them a heap more.

  2. Blind? Well could be but, it is Cali and uhh, umm, Cali does have, err, oh yeah folks kinda’ like that Aussie Rock group.

    • Nobody has folks like ACDC and Bon Scott. If Cali says it does then Cali is a bloody liar.
      Hell, we don’t go around here saying we have girls like Gina. It’s a hard fact of life and dealing with it isn’t easy, but we’re trying.

  3. Hey Sir Ike! Give ’em hell, then give ’em more.
    Had a battle with the local water/sewer folks. Got a note saying the BILL hadn’t been paid. Just a damn shame for THEM, I had a copy of the check, THEY had cashed days ago. IDIOTS!


      • Thanks good fellow. And people wonder why state and fed levels are so SCREWED UP! Fehhh..

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