Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 17, 2014

On kindness to mothers and other creatures.

To counteract the impression that I’m a heartless prick occasionally I have to talk about something nice I’ve done for someone else.
Mother turned (SORRY – CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) on New Years Day, and I found a lovely candle sort of thing at Rosebud Vintage Bazaar.
Fabulous scent of tuberose in a glass bowl, which I hope can be refilled. The ladies at the counter were very helpful in holding on to it – I knew it would be detected one way or the other if I took it home. So on Dec 31 I picked it up and left it in the car overnight. What a lovely surprise for Mummy when she got up on Jan 1!
There was an excellent range of home made cards too. I picked the one with Doris Day.

Doris be kind to animals

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