Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 16, 2014

The Melbourne Expedition – stories in sand.

Seven rolls of film, but only six came out. The seventh was blank; I have to improve my get-the-tab-in-the-slot-and-make-it-stay-there technique.

After my instamatic died in my hands last year while I was in Los Angeles I decided it was time to buy a real camera. The final choice was a Vivitar 3800. Being the adventurous type I decided to mess with every setting available rather than just follow the instruction manual. The results have been interesting: if one out of ten photos had been presentable I’d have thought myself lucky.

I was unwittingly aided in my experiment by a young chap at a camera store who sold me three rolls of film intended for slides, not photos.  Overall though I’m happy. There are enough decent shots to prevent total embarrassment. I’ll pick through for the best over the next couple of weeks.

Among the photos that were lost on that seventh roll were my pics at the Frankston Sand Sculpture display.

Storyland Hogwarts

This is an annual event with a different theme every year and this year it was Storyland. There’s a pyramid of Mister Men characters, along with Angelina Ballerina, characters from Narnia and other popular tales. The sculptures are built with special sand – with a little touch up every couple of days to deal with weather damage they’ll survive until April.
A very impressive exhibition – although I didn’t see anything from the stories of my childhood. If it’s okay to present Harry Potter with all the darkness in his tale, why not have Biggles beating the hell out of Erich von Stalhein? Hmm?

A lot more photos, all of them much better than the shots I lost, can be seen here.


  1. rather than just follow the instruction manual

    Bahh, readin’ instructions is cheating.

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