Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 9, 2014

My, but you have a big carrot, Mister Snowman!


Well, at least we can be sure she isn’t frigid.

More snowy shenanigans in the Daily Caller’s 9 REALLY Inappropriate Snowmen Slideshow.


  1. Hilarious! Creative, talented perverts, aren’t they? Wonder what any neighbors thought? lmfao..

  2. By any chance, did you view these snow sculptures?

    Three talented young men in Minnesota..

    • Now, if next year they could have the shark chomping on the seal’s butt…

      • Oh don’t worry, they will get to it or some down and gritty stuff, then mommie will kick ass and take names.

        ‘Say, didn’t you at one time have three children’?

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