Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 8, 2014

And so the New Year begins… a few days late.

And what have I been doing for the last two and a half weeks? Well, driving a lot between Balwyn and Safety Beach, taking photographs with my new Vivitar 3800, hanging around with dead people in great number…
I spent Christmas Day in my traditional manner, that is to say I passed out in the afternoon – and it wasn’t even that big a lunch. Maybe it was the five eps of Breaking Bad season 4 in the morning that wore me out.
Apart from that… I put in a few hours at the Australian Centre For The Moving Image, where they’re currently exploring that very contemporary art form the music video. Parodies feature prominently – as they should.
Here’s one of the best: the literal version of Total Eclipse of the Heart.


  1. Good to see you at the keyboard again, mate. Happy 2014, another year filled with laughter and disgust ahead. At least from the socialist nation of the states, that is.

    • Just think of it as another 12 months of Obama-slapping. See? You’re feeling better already.

      • True, so true. Not that I, me, Moi would partake in any denigrating.

        Umm, know of anyone in Australia needin’ a damn spiffy bridge? Got a dandy on the market.

        • Bridges? We don’t need no stinking bridges!

          • Damn..

    • On the subject of loudmouth leftwits… and, in this case, a decisive comeuppance, did this story get any coverage in your part of the world?

      Piers Morgan: ‘I’ll show the English batsmen how it’s done.’

      But it was Piers who got done instead.

  2. Watched it three times I did. Laughed my head off, all three. Don’t know anything about cricket, does the pitchman typically run up that far, then toss, or was he deliberately throwing steamers at that twit?

    • Pitchman? Toss?
      Egad, sir, but you are unnkowing of cricket!
      The BOWLER is the man who BOWLS the ball at the batsman. That’s not an unusual length for a run-up; these days it’s more unusual for a bowler to have a short run up or no run up at all. One of the English bowlers had a very short run up – can’t remember which one.
      A fast bowler can send a ball down the pitch at 70-100mph. He can direct the ball to bounce well ahead of the batsman, so it will rise up to potentially make bodily contact. Brett Lee was obviously bowling to intimidate – but that’s a standard tactic in cricket these days. Piers made a complete arse of himself. Has he faced a bowler since he was in short pants? I doubt it!

      • He’s all arse he is..

        And yep, don’t know diddle about the sport. I did however notice (with joy) that the fellow (BOWLER lol) was kinda’, sorta’ taking dead aim at poor piersy baby.

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